Southern Boundary Partnership

A representative from Lowick Parish Council has been attending the meetings. To contact the Parish Council please email the Parish Clerk.

Role and function of the coordination group

  • Share information and communications on key developments of the
    case for an extension.
  • Issue media statements on common issues impacting the Parish
    Councils and promote understanding of the work of the Southern
    Boundary Partnership.
  • Provide feedback to each Parish Council on the issues, concerns and
    agreed actions taken by the Southern Boundary Partnership.
  • Develop an extended network and membership of Parish Councils in
    meeting the aims of the Southern Boundary Partnership.
  • Collaborate with other groups, local authorities and wider
    stakeholders to enhance the strength of the case for an extension.
  • Lobby key decision makers.

Meeting dates

  • December – No meeting
  • 23 January  – Cancelled due to bad weather
  • 20 February
  • 20 March
  • 7 May –  This meeting will focus primarily on the outcome of the landscape review.

Minutes and supporting documents